3 Ways to Play ToonTown Now

Wait no longer, ToonTown is back for and by dedicated fans.

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5 Reasons private servers (& closing) are the best thing that ever happened to Toontown Online

A world of opportunity for the expansion on Toontown Online opened when its doors closed.


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Top 5 fan-made pieces of Toontown media

Since Toontown Online closed in early September, I’ve been looking for ways to keep my interest piqued. Without access to the original source, fans have been turning to each-other for entertainment. Until Toontown Rewritten comes out, these fan-created media welcome your attention.


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Unofficial TTR tumblr disbands

Fans aiming to disseminate information from developers to the community closed their communication route on Monday. The blog had as many as 22,000 hits on the social networking and blogging site, tumblr. Despite clearly noting that the management team was not associated with the development team, users maintained a steady level of confusion that ultimately led for the TTR development team to mandate the blog’s closing.

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Toontown Rewritten’s current status as of September 30th

Toontown closed ten days ago. Since then, the fandom experienced the defeat of having doors closed and a window opened. Toontown Rewritten (TTR) was announced and we’re all anxious to hear as much about it as we can. Joey19982 (also known as Sir Max and Joey), the community manager for TTR, is working to communicate with fans.

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More information released on TTR on September 23rd

Developers announced a player-operated version of Toontown Online last week. Players responded with concerns and suggestions. Some of the most common questions keep repeating.

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