Illegal Parking Spots Occupied for First Time of Semester


Webster Parking MapOn August 28th at 12 pm, no parking spots were available at at least 9 of 15 parking locations at the Webster Groves Webster University location. Commuters opted to park in marked off spots, clearly labeled not parking spots and guest-only spots in retaliation.

Students gave up on legal parking spots four days into the fall semester at Webster University. This type of disregard for laws and parking lines is usually not seen until at least the second week of classes. In 2011, this risky activity was not recorded until the third week of classes.

Parking is the third most recruited sport at Webster, behind Chess and Tennis. The competitive nature facilitates students and faculty bonding experiences outside of the classroom.

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Long Live FlickaPancake, Virtual Lion

Part of the beauty of the internet is the capacity to interact with simulations. When presented with a lion sim a month ago, I decided it was time to learn about the majesty that is lion living. Enter FlickaPancake, a lion bred in my den who will maybe one day be king. (Maybe.)
Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 4.27.20 PM

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The Best Tweets My Hacked Twitter Account Posted

I’ve always unapologetically gone by Julie on social media sites. Well, except for August 8th when I became “Vesta Nacisse, a 16 year-old with a sophisticated outlook on relationships and reality.

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The Homeless Pet Epidemic in Neopia

A definitive feature of Neopets is that once a pet is created, that pet exists forever. A user can leave Neopets and come back three years later to find their kacheek eagerly awaiting their return. This furthers the bond a player can feel with their Neopet, but it also means that unwanted pets can remain in the Neopian pound for years.

pet epidemic-01

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Don’t Hug me I’m Scared

Let’s file humanizing a notepad and a clock and then becoming a huge fan of those now-humans under “things I didn’t expect to happen to me this week.” Because it did and I wasn’t. An artist on tumblr released creative original designs of two objects from a popular youtube video.

This is the don't hug me I'm scared opening image from the youtube video.

This is the don’t hug me I’m scared opening image from the youtube video.

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