Neopets’ Staff Downsizes After ‘Restructuring’

A weekend with no new updates was followed up by a Monday-afternoon notice of a lay-off that hit The Neopets Team (TNT). The CEO of JumpStart wrote that despite the downsizing, the company is still “committed to the success of Neopets.”


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Neopetting my way through my podcast debut

Flying solo is my typical go-to when it comes to discussing online media. After receiving an invitation to guest-star on a comedy podcast, I’m glad to announce my vocal commentary career has officially started.

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The Homeless Pet Epidemic in Neopia

A definitive feature of Neopets is that once a pet is created, that pet exists forever. A user can leave Neopets and come back three years later to find their kacheek eagerly awaiting their return. This furthers the bond a player can feel with their Neopet, but it also means that unwanted pets can remain in the Neopian pound for years.

pet epidemic-01

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Top 5 fan-made pieces of Toontown media

Since Toontown Online closed in early September, I’ve been looking for ways to keep my interest piqued. Without access to the original source, fans have been turning to each-other for entertainment. Until Toontown Rewritten comes out, these fan-created media welcome your attention.


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Alpha code challenge released October 3rd

After hours of anticipation, community manager Joey released the method of receiving alpha codes. Users can participate in a series of knock-knock joke challenges. Comedic or clever toons submit themed jokes and the best of the day will receive an alpha code.

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