The Best Tweets My Hacked Twitter Account Posted

I’ve always unapologetically gone by Julie on social media sites. Well, except for August 8th when I became “Vesta Nacisse, a 16 year-old with a sophisticated outlook on relationships and reality.

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A moment from Spring Break

Sitting on a bench in a train station in riomaggorie with some time to kill. 20 minutes is the charge for 5 minutes too late.

By user Kevin Botto on flickr

By user KevinBotto on flickr

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Don’t Hug me I’m Scared

Let’s file humanizing a notepad and a clock and then becoming a huge fan of those now-humans under “things I didn’t expect to happen to me this week.” Because it did and I wasn’t. An artist on tumblr released creative original designs of two objects from a popular youtube video.

This is the don't hug me I'm scared opening image from the youtube video.

This is the don’t hug me I’m scared opening image from the youtube video.

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The fox says whatever it takes to get viral

We’re all aware of what sounds barnyard and household animals make. Mastering the recognition of a meow or a woof are general staples to the understanding of language. Norwegian comedy duo pokes fun of this in the recent pop hit, The Fox (also known as What Does the Fox Say?)


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Super Soldier: Captain XX


A cadet’s place is in space. I came up with two characters for HvZ this semester, and they live on. Well, at least the little lady does. I’m exploring how layouts tell stories by directing attention. Layout hierarchy is supposed to convey a story on it’s own: what’s most important here, what you should be looking at.

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October 3rd is for the mathletes


Mean girls is like the bible: almost every line can stand on it’s own. October 3rd is Mean Girl’s day, which means it’s time to repost all the gifs and one-liners you can. When media reflects reality, we’re only left to wonder what role candy canes can actually play in the dethroning of a queen bee.

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Childbot: The Zine Layout

My freshman and sophomore year of college afforded me lots of spare time with my friends. I found myself throwing lots of layout ideas around and had no real outlet for them. On staff at the ampersand, I didn’t have many assignments and had yet to grasp my role as a layout designer.

I started making mock layouts for fun. I made a zine called “Mo Fo” and I put together looks for it. My friend Drew had a writing assignment for a media class and I took advantage of the situation. I immediately got to work on putting the layout together.

childbotchildbot2spreadnowspreadnow2First pagechildbot2

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