Campus Athlete Reminds Everyone That They’re Better Than Quidditch Nerds

Muggle Quidditch

Picture by Ben Holland of

“My parents always taught me it was important to feel like I’m better than someone else,” Sophomore baseball player, Ryan Kerry, said, “And, I know I’m way better than those Harry Potter nerds.”

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Illegal Parking Spots Occupied for First Time of Semester


Webster Parking MapOn August 28th at 12 pm, no parking spots were available at at least 9 of 15 parking locations at the Webster Groves Webster University location. Commuters opted to park in marked off spots, clearly labeled not parking spots and guest-only spots in retaliation.

Students gave up on legal parking spots four days into the fall semester at Webster University. This type of disregard for laws and parking lines is usually not seen until at least the second week of classes. In 2011, this risky activity was not recorded until the third week of classes.

Parking is the third most recruited sport at Webster, behind Chess and Tennis. The competitive nature facilitates students and faculty bonding experiences outside of the classroom.

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Anonymous confession page liberates Webster University

Webster University recently got a private confessions page. Naturally, it’s the only thing my friends have talked about since it was published. I thought this might be a good occasion for practicing infographics that include numbers.


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Webster U HvZ 2013 Space Camp design basics

Who doesn’t like playing tag?! I for one, support adults’ freedom to participate in children’s games. I designed the art for my school’s Fall Humans vs Zombies game this semester. We went with an out-of-this-world, whimsical space camp theme.

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