Top Moto 360 Faces of September, 2015


Let’s assess how my smartwatch is dressed!


Maybe it was the presence of fashion week that made me contemplate the role of my watch face in my wardrobe. Maybe my switching from a silver / stone leather to an all black Moto 360 enticed me to re-evaluate my watch face style. Either way, I’ve had this buddy for ten months and I’m ready to share the my monthly favorites.

These are going to be ranked from 5 (least) to 1 (best).

Number 5: Jagger Watch face (Developed by Pierre-Yves Ricau)

The time is color: Jagger.

The time is color. More like, the time is read as a color code and the background changes to that color. This watch face is a whimsical idea and a demo necessity for when I’m showing my watch to curious bystanders. Each color comes complete with the color name below the time.

What time is it? It’s Jagger o’clock! Time is #Color

Jagger interprets the time as an RGB Hex color code and uses it as a watch face background. In other words: your watch background color changes every second!

Jagger also displays the name of the color, so you can show off and name 50 shades of green.” – Jagger Google Play description

Pros: It’s a novel idea, made popular by sites like the Colour Clock. The concept is easy to explain and makes looking at your watch a pleasant surprise each time. Last time, I mentioned a WatchMaker face that does the same thing. Both are free!

Cons: Most of the day is shades of charcoal gray. I grew bored when I realized the clock’s colors don’t cover a variety and had unnoticeable changes second to second.

Isn’t there some way to incorporate the day of week and month into the color to make it, I don’t know, more exciting and brighter? (The answer is yes, this can be done. But I’m too lazy to do it.)

Number 4: Planets Watch face (Developed by Zuhanden)


Planets.When was the last time you looked into the sky and wondered about the location of the planets in respect to one another? If your answer was last night, or just now since I brought it up, this watch face is for you. I like its’ whimsy and minimal design.

Planets watch face puts the solar system on your wrist.

Captivate the magic of the universe with this modern planetarium. Beautifully rotating planets make your Android Wear smartwatch stunning eye-candy.

This gorgeous astronomical watch displays the current positions of the planets in our solar system on your watch face.

The design is cute and visualizes the earth’s role in the galaxy. Each planet is a dot.

Pros: Cute, incorporates digital display elements with an animation that plays whenever you wake the watch screen.

Cons: The animation that plays at wake takes up almost the entire duration of the screen being awake. If it dims and you press to keep the screen lit, the animation runs. The animation eats the battery.

Number 3: 70s Watch face (Developed by Zuhanden)


From the same maker of the Planets Watch face comes the 70s Watch face. Once again, we have an analog-looking watch face for a digital device. Unlike Planets, the design is more corporate than whimsical. I like this face because of how classic it is, it’s an understated analog face.

Pros: Doesn’t suck up that much battery, classical minimal design. Multiple color schemes to choose from.

Cons: Not very versatile. Also, why would I put an analog face on a digital device?

Number 2: Date Stamp (Developed by ATEKTURA/)

Date Stamp.

This watch face gives me a kind of Fight Club / Totalitarian / Utilitarian feeling. As the name indicates, it replicates a date stamp. When the screen is activated, the “stamp,” which is the content between the brackets of the design, moves as if a new stamp replaced the previous. The screen is easy to read on ambient mode.

Pros: Clear design, minimal. It has the date, time AND battery life indicator.

Cons: There’s a texture overlay that makes it look a little messy, like ink. There’s also some distracting unengaged white space above the stamp.

Number 1: Skinny Love (Developed by Shameron Studios)

Skinny Love

Finally! My top favorite watch face! Remember that time I wrote a review about my go-to watch face? Well I’m happy to admit that since February, I’ve worn this face every day.

I regularly browse the play store trying to find anything like this. It’s flirty, minimal, and young. I love that it’s black and white ad that you get to choose whether it’s black on white or white on black. The ambient mode preserves the design almost entirely.

I’ve decided that I would love to design an entire line of watch faces just like this. But I don’t know how and I’m a busy woman. So I guess that will just have to wait!

Pros: Fits my aesthetic, easy to read, matches every outfit.

Cons: There’s nothing else like it.


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