Watch Face Review: Skinny Love


Masculine analog watches may be aesthetically pleasing, but any 20-something femme with an eye for design can find themself unfulfilled in the Android Play watch store. When Skinny Love popped up in the store catalog, I recognized it’s niche: those of us who aren’t 30-something dudes.

This is the Skinny Love watch face on the black display.

The black display.

At A Glance

Skinny Love has a large X in the middle, an arrow through the time, an anchor weighing the date and a heart above the day of the week. What isn’t to love about something so incredibly twee? This face comes in both black and white backgrounds, with the latter featuring the former as the accent and reverse for the other (white background with black type, black background with white type).

This face is dainty without being overbearing. I’m not ashamed to associate my appearance with this feminine display. The design-savvy and cultural nod of the middle X is welcomed. My only design qualm is the reeses-pieces-peanut-butter-cup-esque ridges around the face, which look strange with the Moto 360 bezel when you’re looking up close.

It’s functional. This face has the day of the week, time (hour, minute & blinking dots representing the second), month and day. When a large google card pops up (notification), the only part of the screen hindered is the date. I can still see the time. It’s great.

Ambient mode display.

Ambient mode display.

Ambient Mode

I love this watch face in ambient mode (dimmed screen). Flipping ambient mode on was actually the highlight of my time with this face. It looks just as good on ambient as it does in full display.

Usually ambient mode (screen dimmed) features the most bare version of the face. This face’s ambient mode is the majority of the screen black, with the decorations in white. If you’re already using the black screen mode, there’s hardly a difference.

( While ambient mode does drains the battery, I find I can get through an entire day with ambient on, so I enable it. )

The “If I Could Change One Thing…”

If I could change one thing about this face, it’d be adding a 24-hour display. I don’t think it would be too difficult to redesign the face to have more space on the hour side. The only thing that needs to be pushed back is the arrow feathers. I prefer having a 24-hour display on my wrist.

The white display

The white display.

Overall Review: TL;DR

I love this watch-face, it’s been my go-to since Feb 13th. The day I installed it, my boss said, “it fits your aesthetic,” and I realized I made the right choice.

It’s worth the dollar it costs. The colors match everything and every situation. I highly recommend this watch face.

My initial review for this was a 4/5, but after over two weeks of use, I realize this really should be a 5/5. This face is almost perfect and I love looking at it.

Quick Details

Name: Skinny Love
Developer: Shameron Studios
Price: $0.99

What do you think? Want me to review a specific watch face? Leave a comment below!


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