Top Moto 360 Faces of February, 2015


These fifteen watch faces are worth downloading for free. If you have a smartwatch, browse through this selection to find something new. If you don’t have one yet, it’s always fun to window shop.

Having a smartwatch means having an unlimited amount of watch faces at your disposal. At first, you might not even know where to start. I’m pushing myself to change my watch face weekly.

I’ve downloaded over 50 watch faces since I got my phone in December. These are the ones I’m labelling cream of the crop for February 2015. I use both Facer & WatchMaker (even though WatchMaker is clearly superior) and all of these faces are free from FaceRepo.

For more information about the individual faces, scroll below the gallery.

The Analogs

Circles by Bengalus

Circles by Bengalus

Circles by Bengalus for WatchMaker.

This is one of those watch faces that really digs into the functionality of Android Wear. You’ve got the batteries of the phone & watch, moon phase, weather, temperature, sunrise & sunset, wifi status and an analog clock. All in one.

I like the idea behind the circles, but I don’t really dig the way they isolate the icons. Maybe a different color be nice.

Pro: This face is editable in WatchMaker.

Con: According to it’s FaceRepo page, this watch was made for the LG Watch R. The bottom of the Moto 360’s screen cuts off the bottom of the Wifi Icon.

Even More Minimal by  j1mmy1985

Even More Minimal by j1mmy1985

Even More Minimal by j1mmy1985 for WatchMaker.

The tags for this face are “clean, elegant, simple, minimal, grey, professional” and I can’t argue with them. If you’re looking to wear something at work that isn’t distracting or whimsical, here you go. This analog has the basics: time, date, watch battery and temperature.

Pros: The simple data it pulls means it won’t use that much energy. This face will look good with most outfits and you can edit it in WatchMaker.

Cons: The quickest detail you’ll be able to pull is what second it is. The second hand is distractingly bright. Also, the 6 cut off on the Moto 360.

Rainbow by ilcommenda88

Rainbow by ilcommenda88

Rainbow by ilcommenda88 for WatchMaker.

I was drawn to this watch face because of the bright colors. The skeumorphism chased me away. This is based on children’s mats. I can’t tell you much more than that. I think I’d be more into it if the image was placed on a vector illustration than a picture? I can’t actually verify that it’s on a picture. But it’s juxtaposed onto a texture.

Pro: Vibrant, energetic colors.

Con: There are markers next to the numbers, that repetition seems a bit unnecessary. Also, it’d be nice if the arms weren’t shaded.

Data-Heavy Digital Faces

Semi Circle With Step Count by Devatva

Semi Circle With Step Count by Devatva

This face was one of my first journeys into the world of information overload. This has your standard watch battery, outside temperature (with daily high and low) and step counter. The colored outer circle represents the second hand and the color changes as it moves around the screen.

Pros: It’s nice to have so much information accessible at a glance. The time is easy to read and the second indicator is attractive. This face is designed for the Moto 360.

Cons: The white background is boring. The icons on the bottom could be placed more effectively to convey the information faster.

f01 v3 by AlchemistPrime

Material.v1 by troyau

Material.v1 by troyau

Simple Red by StuartMurg

Simple Red by StuartMurg

TextWatch Ambient by Spoonk

TextWatch Ambient by Spoonk

Material Blue Digital by dkdartmouth

Material Blue Digital by dkdartmouth

Material Blue Digital by dkdartmouth for Facer.

This was the first watch face I downloaded, and it holds its own. A small dot goes around the rim of the face to display the second position. The large blue space advances from the left to the right as the hour goes on.

Pros: This face is easy to read from a distance. The lack of information it draws means it will save you battery life.

Cons: This is a Facer face. There’s a weird skeumorph-esque shadow.

What Color Is It by JustAndrew

What Color Is It by JustAndrew

What Color Is It by JustAndrew

I made an excited squeaking noise when I found this face. My best friend uses the Colour Clock screen saver on her computers. I was excited because it reminded me of her and because I realized we could use algorithms in the shader function in WatchMaker. For those of you unfamiliar with what’s going on here: The face uses the time to change the background color. The screen is a different color every second.

Pros: Innovative use of technology. It’s nice if you enjoy colors.

Cons: The rest of the face is pretty boring.

Kitschy Fan Faces

Pokewatch by MFraserII

Pokewatch by MFraserII

Pokewatch by MFraserII for WatchMaker.

This watch is a fan favorite. I found it and decided that my watch of the week can be kitschy. I installed it and snapped a picture of it onto my snapchat story. My inbox blew up. You’ll get the, “Is that Pok’e’mon on your watch?” question repeatedly if you put this on. But for me, it’s worth it. This watch cleverly displays the time, date, phone battery status, watch battery status and temperature.

Pros: The watch & phone battery status indicators are easy to read. The image is nostalgic and doesn’t look awkward on the circle shape of the screen.

Cons: The image quality on the sprites is very low. The time is small and is hard to read at a distance.

PokeWalker by DocWatson

PokeWalker by DocWatson

PokeWalker by DocWatson for Facer.

Do you remember PokeWalkers? I think most smart watch owners would love to see some kind of actual PokeWalker capabilities on their watch. This face lets you live out that fantasy without any of the benefits. A Pikachu gif nods his head up and down next to the time, step counter, temperature and date.

Pros: A very cool idea and teaser of the potential opportunity for this tech.

Cons: The image has a weird white splotch on the right side from the image not being a perfect circle before it meets the black border. A vector image would look good.

Jurassic Park by accord281

Jurassic Park by accord281

Jurassic Park by accord281 for Facer.

Are you as hyped as the rest of the internet for the new Jurassic Park movie (with Chris Pratt)? Well, I’m on the hype train and so is FaceRepo. There are so many faces to choose from if you’re looking for a Jurassic Park face. I picked this one because it’s minimal and straight to the point.

Pros: Bold colors and easy to read.

Cons: Generic and occasionally, the 24-hour clock will spill into the border.

LCARS by CrimsonPirate

LCARS by CrimsonPirate

LCARS by CrimsonPirate for Watchmaker.

Star Trek: The Next Generation fans rejoice! There are so many different faces that are designed to fulfill your LCARS screen dreams. Honestly, every week we see plenty of faces show up on the FaceRepo feed. I picked this one because it is attractive and not as generic as most of the others.

Pros: Good homage to Star Trek TNG.

Cons: I feel like it’s not very efficient in use of space.



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