Neopetting my way through my podcast debut

Flying solo is my typical go-to when it comes to discussing online media. After receiving an invitation to guest-star on a comedy podcast, I’m glad to announce my vocal commentary career has officially started.

Some of my comrades started a comedy podcast earlier this semester. At the end of an installment not too long ago, they made the announcement that they were looking for people to join them on-air. I followed up with them and found myself in the hot seat on Totally Off Track less than a fortnight later.

My occupation as a call center aficionado did not prepare me for the amount of giggling that was in store while in discussion with Paige Andrews-Johnson and Vern Tooley. Despite my inability to focus (but isn’t that the point of Totally Off Track), the duo has extended an offer for me to reappear sometime in the future. Awesome!

In-Podcast Reference

I referred to Second Life (incredibly weird game, I will defend that to the death) being ran by an organization that is actually called Linden Research, Inc. Specifically I referenced an article that correlates gender and an avatar’s behavior when communicating with other avatars. This article is authored by Nick Yee, M.S., Jeremy N. Bailenson, Ph.D., Mark Urbanek, B.S., Francis Chang, M.S. and Dan Merget, M.S.

I first accessed the article this Summer when I learned that research on avatar behavior is way too full of Second Life. The most interesting conclusion from this study is on page 5 (read it, it is a short, easy to understand study that is available online for free), “Social interactions in online virtual environments… …are governed by the same social norms as social interactions in the physical world.”

Most of what I read this summer supports that conclusion. It’s just interesting to think that we are highly evolved monkeys who are so dictated by our evolutionary traits that we carry those traits into virtual worlds.

The Hosts

Show the hosts some love by liking their facebook page (no seriously, they only need 2 more likes to hit 100) and following Vern and Paige on their respective Twitter accounts.


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