3 Ways to Play ToonTown Now

Wait no longer, ToonTown is back for and by dedicated fans.

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The dry-spell that began when Disney closed ToonTown Online in September 2013 is over. Private servers afford players the opportunity to play now. Different servers have varying draws for fans, leaving some to prefer a small 36 hour wait before they can play.

Immediate Gratification

For those players who need their cog-slaying fix, ToonTown Infinite (TTI) launched open beta in July 2014. Toons running Microsoft OS machines can play after signing up and installing the game client. Plans are in the works to release the game to Mac and Linux users.

The benefits of playing TTI include being able to play whenever you want. There is daily maintenance 3-30 EST. Unscheduled server problems may make game-play difficult.

Some players choose to not play TTI out of principle due to a perceived sketchy history. There are accusations that TTI runs on stolen code from Toontown Rewritten. The seemingly larger ethical qualm is that several team members used a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) to take the TTI source code from a previous team leader when they decided to discontinue working on the project.

Additional qualms with TTI include accusations from the community that players can be kicked from in-game references of rival private servers, including Toontown Rewritten.

If you are a member of the TTI staff and would like to defend yourself against these accusations, please contact me.

Patience Rewards

A small wait (typically below 40 hours) will get players into ToonTown Rewritten (TTR). Now in a partially-open beta, toons running either Macintosh or Microsoft OS machines can access TTR after registering, installing the client and waiting in the “PlayLine” for three-hour intervals of “PlayTime”.

Benefits of playing TTR include running a client from the most respected team of developers in the ToonTown private server community. Bloomberg news ran an article profiling the lead of the TTR development team in June, giving validation to their role and efforts in the ToonTown community.

Further validation from external sources is embodied through an interview with Mr. Schell of Schell games planned in early August with the lead of TTR.

TTR was benefited by having a head-start in allowing users to participate in gameplay. Strategic positioning across different social media gave TTR a controlling stake in the ToonTown subreddit. Multiple moderators endorse TTR over other private servers, leading to an impassioned response to TTI’s beta opening. The statement discourages other private servers for the sake of keeping ToonTown online. The message is clear: TTR wants to be the only private server.

I am not aware of any reasons users have publicly stated they will not play TTR due to ethical qualms. The largest impediment of play seems to be the wait, which requires users keep their browser on a specific webpage until their wait is complete.

For the Tricky and Niche

Tumblr posts elude the mysterious Mercury server, including this full on guide for accessing it (warning: music autoplays!). Considering I do not have the software necessary to run it, I will not be reviewing it extensively.

The lack of information I have on this server makes it hard for me to list the benefits and deficits it provides. I can say that the community looks tight and they are constantly posting on tumblr about the server.

In Conclusion

There will probably be more servers joining this list shortly. I do not expect TTI or TTR to close any time soon due to internal conflicts, the largest threat at this point is Disney exerting copyright laws.

For further comparison of TTI and TTR, I recommend checking out the ToonTown subreddit. This post in specific addresses some gameplay differences.

So what are you waiting for? There are cogs out there; toons of the world, unite!


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