Stick it to the Catriarchy

What’s up with cats on the internet? I mean really, they have a constant undeniable presence. For a class last semester, my team pitched a website called


Cats are popular on the internet. It is what it is. So the case was we design a website that discusses cat media and its role in pop culture. Even we didn’t win the competition, I felt like it was good practice.

Getting data

To help focus in on our demographic, I posted a survey to my facebook page and reddit. The reddit thread received 16 upvotes and 11 comments, mostly about me phrasing a question strangely. The facebook post received upward from 20 likes. By the time I closed the form, I had 239 submissions to work with. The survey’s responses are here.

We used the demographics for our presentation. I always intended to make an infographic, but I never got around to it. I actually used some of the charts from the google survey form in the presentation instead of making my own graphs.


Click the thumbnail to open the full image.

Infographic architecture

I don’t know what size I should go with for infographics. Originally, I was going to make two separate graphics. After I got started, I decided that was very difficult to do and maybe I should take things in smaller steps. So I condensed what I had.

I made the mistake of viewing the document at 125% instead of 100% while working. The result was text being too small to read, among other things. I tried fixing it so it doesn’t look too much like an eyesore.

I stuck with the color philosophy I developed while working on the presentation. I didn’t draw the exact colors. If I were to do this again, I would include the graphics I made for the presentation. These graphics are the orange lines and the orange cat.

Past tense design

For this project, I drew lots of thumbnails, but not many of them made it to the digital existence. What I did transfer was the logo, a cat that had visual cues echoing grumpy cat. This was shortly after the emergence of grumpy cat.

Next time I’d like to use more similar colors to my original pitch. The font choice could have been more clever too. I think the eye moves well throughout the flow of the layout.


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