Top 5 fan-made pieces of Toontown media

Since Toontown Online closed in early September, I’ve been looking for ways to keep my interest piqued. Without access to the original source, fans have been turning to each-other for entertainment. Until Toontown Rewritten comes out, these fan-created media welcome your attention.


5. Toons unite, the toon building, stats catalog for toons

Shortly after Toontown closed, I saw a huge increase of toons unite images popping up across social media. Toons unite allows users to recreate what their toons looked like and register what skill level they were at along their different gags.

Once you build a toons unite character, you can share the image file across your social networks. This is a good way to remember your now departed toons.

4. Toonbook, the social network for toons

Ran by some of the same developers working to bring TTR to the public, Toonbook is a site not unlike Facebook. The main difference is the account you manage should be for your toon instead of yourself. Once logging in, users can update statuses and upload information about their toons. When the game is ongoing, this is site is useful in managing teams to do quests with.

Toonbook is dually useful because offical TTR updates are published through Toonbook.

3. Ask Fiery responses by ask-fiery on tumblr

“I can’t breakdance, but I’m an expert at raving.” from ask-fiery’s tumblr feed.

If you’re into tumblr, you’re probably aware of the ask-reply tumblr accounts. If you’re not, they’re when a blogger takes a persona of a character and answers as if they were that character (and typically accompanies the response with illustrations). Ask Fiery is such a tumblr.

Users can ask Fiery questions through the #askfiery tag on tumblr or through her ask box. Fiery is a toon who runs a flower shop on Elm Street.

There are many different ask-a-toon tumblrs. Ask Fiery’s stood out by the quality of the art and the amount of posts. If you would like to recommend a good one, leave a link to it in the comments.

2. 8-Bit renditions of the Toontown Soundtrack by BinaryXioms on soundcloud

How many times have you found the soundtrack of Toontown stuck in your head? Never? Well, let’s fix that. These renditions are spot-on and are nothing but fun. These are each very short, not evening reaching a minute in length in the longest file.

Other renditions of the Toontown soundtrack exist, like the “Robot de Droit, the Lawbox HQ Remix” by Shnutzer.

1. COG (A ToonTown Movie) by madtoontownreturns on youtube

This screen-capture piece spans fifty minutes. Based on M. Night Shyamalan’s “DEVIL”, this thriller is an interesting watch. Youtube viewers seem to dig it: its standings are at 1,080 thumbs up and 46 thumbs down. That’s a great record for a video with over eighty thousand views.

Other youtube videos feature stories, and some feature gameplay. I chose COG by the amount of views and the length of the movie. Also, I’ve watched it, while I haven’t had any recommendations to watch any others. If you have a particularly good one bookmarked, go a head and leave a link to it in the comments below.


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