Super Soldier: Captain XX


A cadet’s place is in space. I came up with two characters for HvZ this semester, and they live on. Well, at least the little lady does. I’m exploring how layouts tell stories by directing attention. Layout hierarchy is supposed to convey a story on it’s own: what’s most important here, what you should be looking at.

melmiralcinoeclickin’ dis bb will redirect you to the pdf, where your eyes rightfully belong.

Meet the story-telling spread. This is a mock magazine layout that focuses on Captain XX. She’s just been nominated “Most influential ship captain” and that’s a title she’s proud of.

The editors of this publication decided it was best to run a story alongside this image, it’s a quick-read “side bar.” The content isn’t important, as the copy is denoted by horizontal bars. The sub-heads give away all that’s needed: how to get the attention of a senior official. Apparently they sometimes forget names!

I’ve been turning this idea around and around my head for the last week. I finally got the motivation to slap something together when I saw this piece:

A cartoon magazine spread

By Emmy C, “”

Emmy C, is an artist on tumblr who rocks a super fabulous cartoon style. For more of her amazeballs stuff, check her out here. Anyways, she inspired me and so you should probably tumblr follow her if you’re into that kind of thing. Apparently she contributed to Potter Puppet Pals, which is like internet 101 if you ever had a runny nose on the playground in the 90s. So she seems pretty neat. I threw a PM her way and I’m seeing if she’ll chat one on one with me.

Will there be more info flying your way about the glorious space captain XX and her life as a risky dangerous space badass? Maybe. Stay tuned.


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