Alpha code challenge released October 3rd

After hours of anticipation, community manager Joey released the method of receiving alpha codes. Users can participate in a series of knock-knock joke challenges. Comedic or clever toons submit themed jokes and the best of the day will receive an alpha code.

The development team opened the floodgates to the alpha testing challenge. Alpha codes will give users the capabilities to test the first round of Toontown Rewritten (TTR) gameplay. Even though this round of play will only include walking, chatting and testing basic functions, users are very excited.

The test

Joey released the criteria in a thread on the Toontown Central forums. Joey will post a theme each day and users need to come up with a knock-knock joke about that theme. The best joke of the day, as deemed by the team, will receive an alpha code. All jokes must be in this format:

Q: Knock Knock

A: Who’s there?

Q: _______

A: _______ who?

Q: _____________

Not only will winning jokes receive an in for the user who submits them, but they will be featured within the game itself. Players moving about the streets in Toontown can activate knock-knock jokes by standing near a door. The developers will enter the suggested knock-knock jokes as jokes in-game.

Today’s theme is “Witty Wednesday”; special instructions include: “The first theme is a test of wit. How clever can you be?” Each day will have its own unique theme. Submissions for each day will be entered in a post format on the official thread before 5pm EST the following day. Jokes will be checked to make sure they are original.


In order to participate in this test, individuals must have a Toontown Central Forum account. After registering an account, a user must then verify. After verifying, the account has to be reviewed and accepted by a forum moderator. Then a user can post to the forum.

In a follow-up post, Joey clarified that users can enter multiple times,

You can enter as many times as you want every day, however you can only win one alpha key. Also, we will be choosing honorable mentions whose jokes will be included in TTR, but won’t be receiving an alpha key.

Alpha role

As mentioned in a previous post, Toontown Rewritten will go through various stages of testing. These stages are:

  • alpha testing, which will have limited content
  • private beta, where all features will be tested
  • open beta, where the public can play the game
  • official launch, where the game is complete

So if you don’t get an alpha code sometime during the next 10 days, don’t worry. There will be other opportunities to play before the game goes public.

The gameplay the first alpha testers will access will be comprised of mostly walking and talking. As time goes on, new facets will be added. Players who want to play the full, complete game will be better off waiting for the game to go live than applying for the alpha testing.



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