Unofficial TTR tumblr disbands

Fans aiming to disseminate information from developers to the community closed their communication route on Monday. The blog had as many as 22,000 hits on the social networking and blogging site, tumblr. Despite clearly noting that the management team was not associated with the development team, users maintained a steady level of confusion that ultimately led for the TTR development team to mandate the blog’s closing.

Paths of knowledge

The Toontown community on tumblr remains active even without game access. Users flooded the popular Toontown tags (#toonblr, #toontown) with inquiries related to the news of Toontown Rewritten (TTR) and its implications for the fan community. A few users grouped together with the goal to inform the masses. The group registered the username toontown-rewritten.

Users contributed by submitting “asks”, tumblr’s post messaging system. Most published asks were suggestions for content developers could add. Blog moderators cleared the post history when removing the blog and now all suggestions are lost.

The unraveling

Time after time, users would misappropriate the phrase “developers” and “you” when referring to the blog curators. The blog employed the TTR logo with “unofficial blog” in thin typeface as its banner image, possibly adding to confusion. Additionally, the tumblr icon pulled the TTs directly from the banner.

Before the team pulled the posts, they published an explanation and a multitude of passive-aggressive posts. These posts are no longer accessible and when they were published, sent the Toontown tumblr community into a frenzy. The singular remaining post tried to explain the situation but held little weight in clearing the air.

Posts, like this by tumblr user toontown, furthered confusion. This post garnished 17 notes:

are you telling me that toontown rewritten is on hold because the staff members are being big fucking babies

Thankfully, other users were on beat and quickly tried to disband confusion. User anonymous-toonblr released an explanation that separated the tumblr team from the development team:

All this talk about TTR being on hold is not true. The Toontown-rewritten tumblr blog was “on hold” until they could sort out their problems with the developers. But it seems like that didn’t go well.

If I’m wrong then that’s embarrassing but that’s what I think is going on. The developers aren’t putting Toontown Rewritten on hold. The owner of the blog ended up getting into an argument with the developers.

For better understanding of the situation, I reached out to multiple members of the tumblr moderation team. I will update if any respond.

Social media involvement

The TTR development team does not currently hold any official presence on any social media platform. (While I am in continuous communication with a member of the development team, I am not a developer. I am a journalist.) Joey, the social coordinator for the developers, has no intent to manage social media accounts.

For official information on TTR, fans can bookmark the Toontown central forums and the Toontown Rewritten homepage.


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