Video reveals Toontown Rewritten development status

TTR developers released a video this week with screen capture footage of their process.

Released footage

Thursday marked the launch of the first glimpse of game play. Since then, the video hit 16 thousand views. Joey posted the video with a description explaining that while “we’ve successfully connected to the game and have a pretty basic functionality,” the game is not ready for alpha testing.

The video shows toons walking around the main playground and chatting. After testing interactions in the playground, they move to the route between the base playground to what was previously known as Minnie’s Melodyland, referred to in the clip as the “land of music.” Both speed chat and manual chat are engaged and features like teleportation are displayed.

The video inspired positive reactions from the community. The unofficial TTR tumblr’s post with a link to the video garnished 33 notes by the time this article was written. Additional screenshots received equal attention.

Status report

The video contains an interesting perspective on glitches. The footage reveals that the game will be viable in at least basic moving mechanisms and communication. The game players expect is much more than that. Sir Max, the green dog, said it the best, “obviously, there are a lot of prominent things missing.”

In the video, Joey almost clicks the black cat’s arrow, an action that would crash the build. The action that should happen is a form would generate stating what gags the toon possesses. Besides that, the characters and their animations lag.

Toon perks

A black cat makes an appearance in the land of music. This color was previously only available on special occasions. The developers have the ability to release black and white toons according to their will. (For further commentary on this, stay tuned for my next update.)

For now, this video is all we have as an insight to the game. It looks good so far and we’re all anxious to see what happens next.



5 thoughts on “Video reveals Toontown Rewritten development status

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  3. I cannot thank you enough for bringing back TT. My grandchiildren and play often. I miss my friends on TT. I need to drop a piano, oh how I need to drop a piano. TY TY TY

  4. I really hope you guys are successful in getting this online. I would be forever grateful. My wife who developed an illness that left her with dementia played ToonTown for hours. It was like therapy to her. Robert

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