Toontown Rewritten’s current status as of September 30th

Toontown closed ten days ago. Since then, the fandom experienced the defeat of having doors closed and a window opened. Toontown Rewritten (TTR) was announced and we’re all anxious to hear as much about it as we can. Joey19982 (also known as Sir Max and Joey), the community manager for TTR, is working to communicate with fans.

Information flows

Players are anxious to get as much information from official sources as possible. However, the only two sanctioned official modes of communication are and The toontown-rewritten tumblr, the multiple facebook fan pages, and the subreddit are unofficial. Joey stated he had no “intentions on spreading to other places.”

Toons seeking information can listen to other modes of information, like the tumblr, the subreddit and this blog, but are advised to keep in mind they are not official. If deprecated information is leaked, try reporting it to the moderators.

The video

Developers premiered a video on Thursday conveying the status of development. Features highlighted were traveling and communicating. According to Joey, “the video was pretty much held together with paper clips and gum.” The reason they released the video so early was to keep players in the loop, “we wanted to show people ASAP.”

The current version of the game is “pretty unstable.” Joey admittedly “nearly crashed at one point by clicking on the toon details button.” Other aspects need to be fixed before testers are allowed into the arena.

Alpha Testing

The first announcements of alpha stated that testing would begin within a week. Since then, a week passed. The developers are aware of this miscommunication and are no longer giving a timeframe. Follow the official modes of communication for announcements of alpha.

Alpha will launch when the current features work smoothly. Or as Joey put it, “once it gets to the point where it seems stable to us, we’ll accept testers to prove us wrong.” Then they will start to work on cogs, trolley games and other critical game aspects.

The developers have yet to release the method they’ll give alpha codes through. That’s because they haven’t agreed on a singular way yet.  Joey’s input was, “everyone has different ideas for it and we’ll probably do all of them together.” The developers want every player to have a fair chance.

Additional content

The video revealed a black cat in play. Black cats were created seasonally and white toons were also at the discretion of moderators on a limited basis. Joey elaborated on their inclusion in the video, “Black cats will be available until one week after the public launch.” He also mentioned plans for limited releases on holidays that the developers are discussing. None are confirmed.



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