Webster U HvZ 2013 Space Camp design basics

Who doesn’t like playing tag?! I for one, support adults’ freedom to participate in children’s games. I designed the art for my school’s Fall Humans vs Zombies game this semester. We went with an out-of-this-world, whimsical space camp theme.

Developing a theme for a game isn’t an easy matter. Game plot sets the mood for the players!

Blasting off

Us moderators talk a lot over the internet, and we take advantage of memes. One of our faves is the angry HvZ mod meme. There’s one where the message is, “Don’t think the plot is realistic? Next semester, we’re fighting dinosaurs in space!” This became a huge inside joke between the team. We decided we have to use this somehow and planned to take the game to space. We even played with the idea of making dinosaurs into the zombies.

The first thing I thought of when I thought of space exploration was the space age. I love the art style, the patterns, the colors, all of the aspects of space age design. My comrade and I pulled together art references and made an inspiration board on pinterest. I let myself doodle some ideas out.


Design basics

We started this project by isolating elements from pieces in the pinterest collection. We liked the:

  • large sans-serif font
  • abstract shapes
  • warm colors and dark hues

Together we pulled some color schemes from posters in the pinterest collection. Here are some examples:

palette1 palette2


As you can see, some obvious patterns jumped out. There are consistencies in the type of green and orange we see. After a few more samples, we were able to decide on the following colors.



From there, I went on to map out fonts.



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