Developing a Toontown Rewritten infographic

Different social media platforms call for different methods of engagement. As my media professors are insist, “the medium is the massage.” Now that I’m trying to get through to the tumblr audience, I need a new strategy.

My involvement with the Toontown story started with me doing a media evaluation of the storytelling, visual elements and player involvement. I will eventually release that post, it is a work in progress. However, I did get a few things down: color, typeface and other visual paradigms. Since I have a grasp on them, I think it’s ok for me to put them to work in this ‘infographic’.


This isn’t an ace infographic, but I think it will work in pulling people to my site. Things I would like to work on:

  • background
  • visuals (graphics would be nice)
  • typeface
  • information presented

I’m going to see how efficient this piece is. Depending on it’s success, I will update it/edit it. Keep in mind, this is a visual media/informational dissemination through imagery blog.

For more information, here is the first part of the story and here is the second part.


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