Top Moto 360 Faces of September, 2015


Let’s assess how my smartwatch is dressed!


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Un-intelligently Designed: Reasons Why Your “Graphic Design” Resume Sucks


A good resume does more than just get your foot in the doorit embodies the way you convey yourself as a professional. The assistant at the printing store notices it, the hiring manager needs to get hooked on it, and your peers covet it.

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Watch Face Review: Skinny Love


Masculine analog watches may be aesthetically pleasing, but any 20-something femme with an eye for design can find themself unfulfilled in the Android Play watch store. When Skinny Love popped up in the store catalog, I recognized it’s niche: those of us who aren’t 30-something dudes.

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Neopetting my way through my podcast debut

Flying solo is my typical go-to when it comes to discussing online media. After receiving an invitation to guest-star on a comedy podcast, I’m glad to announce my vocal commentary career has officially started.

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