Campus Athlete Reminds Everyone That They’re Better Than Quidditch Nerds

Muggle Quidditch

Picture by Ben Holland of

“My parents always taught me it was important to feel like I’m better than someone else,” Sophomore baseball player, Ryan Kerry, said, “And, I know I’m way better than those Harry Potter nerds.”

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Top Moto 360 Faces of September, 2015


Let’s assess how my smartwatch is dressed!


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Un-intelligently Designed: Reasons Why Your “Graphic Design” Resume Sucks


A good resume does more than just get your foot in the doorit embodies the way you convey yourself as a professional. The assistant at the printing store notices it, the hiring manager needs to get hooked on it, and your peers covet it.

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Watch Face Review: Skinny Love


Masculine analog watches may be aesthetically pleasing, but any 20-something femme with an eye for design can find themself unfulfilled in the Android Play watch store. When Skinny Love popped up in the store catalog, I recognized it’s niche: those of us who aren’t 30-something dudes.

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Neopetting my way through my podcast debut

Flying solo is my typical go-to when it comes to discussing online media. After receiving an invitation to guest-star on a comedy podcast, I’m glad to announce my vocal commentary career has officially started.

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